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TITLE; practical 14
Khamis, November 25, 2010 | 2:56 PTG | 0 comments
aku rasa bia aku list out jela apa yg aku adah dpt spnjg aku practical masuk 3minggu neh .

-Recording Intake and Output Chart
-Assist and Care Intra Venous Infusion
-Caluculate I/V Infusion Rate
-Preparation and Asministration of Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) ; Adult & -Pediatric
-Pre-Op Skin Preparation ; Steril & Non-steril
-Prepare Patient for Anesthesia
-Preparation of Post Operation Bed
-Post Operative Care
-Pain Assessment
-Collection of Specimen ; Urine , Sputum & Faeces (SEM1)

yg neh lak lum tntu trnsfer lam cross =="

-Assist and Care of Central Venous Line
-Monitor Central Venous Pressure
-Assist and Care of Blood Transfusion
-Assist in Bone Marrow Procedure
-Insertion of Rectal suppository (SEM1)

sekian terima kasih , buku Pre-cross WAJIB> hantar jumaat depan . terima kasih !

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