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TITLE; My one year service .
Isnin, Mei 26, 2014 | 9:16 PTG | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum ,

Gila lama tak post any news dekat blog . Not even about my 1year service as nurse .

So lets have some #trobek ok .

Alhamdulillah , on 29th april was my 1year as gov service . Who knew that i managed to go through all this thing from the day one as a nurse . Allah SWT was with me all the time .
I will never ever forget how i was look alike on my first day in NICU .

Lapor diri pada 29april2013 dekat SUK Shah Alam , bayangkan laa perasaan aku masa tu . Macam nak tercabut segala organ dlm badan . I felt like oh that was damn much ! The creepy part bila masa kena beratur and wait for the surat penempatan . Duh ~ kenapa semua ni perlu berlaku ?

Hospital Shah Alam , penempatan sementara di Hospital Sungai Buloh .

And i was like . You joking me man ! That's too much !
Shah Alam ? Not even 50% complete at that time . So terpaksa merempat dekat HSgB .

So how was my department placement ? I keep telling myself for the whole my life that i will never ever ever love to be in any babies or peads ward . And Allah SWT switched it and grant my wish . There you are farah ! "Neonatal Intensive Care Unit" .

Too cool and #%$@& *fakesmile

How i am supposed to act as i neve wanted to be in that dept . Peads ? Oh you kidding me . And i know you not kidding me . *wateryeyes

Ok , part hari pertama di NICU . For sure all the senior akan pandang kita like you never ever be pandai or cekap like me . And masa tu aku rasa macam , perlu ke gantung diri ? Duh ~

You will never know how to insert ryles tube (feeding tube) to the baby as the babies was as small as your palm . You will never know how to changed the diapers as it supposed to be a basic . But how should i know if i never ever changed any baby diapers before . Ok the last time i ever did to my nephew a few months before . I should know that was the sign when my nephew was born . *gigitjari

All the seniors was like "oh this freshie was interupping my job" "ohh silly freshie " "ohh annoying freshie"

I got scolded on my day 1 tagging as team leader with my mentor . They scolded me yelling at me . And i was like . -___-" why i had to face all this kind of thing mommy ! I never wanted to be here .
Merambuihh weeyhhh ayaqmata ceq . Menangis sedu sedan call kakak .

Tapi masa cepat berlalu , meninggalkan segala kenangan pahit dan manis ke belakang untuk dijadikan sebagai pengajaran dan pengalaman . Even sekarang walaupun dah setahun servis pun still jugak kena marah still jugak tak pandai pandai .

Everyday my day in NICU , with the ventilators , ill babies , cute babies , with all those CPAP things . Never assume that all freshie will be so good at their first time . Assist them and teach them .

Thank you to all staff at NICU HSgB untuk segala tunjuk ajar dan pengalaman di sana . I owe you guys so much .
Alalalaaaa Hosp Shah Alam belum nak bukak nanti . Bila dah nak pindah shah alam nanti laa akan buat entry khas utk all the seniors and juniors . Heheh .

Last but not least , i love NICU and HSgB working enviroment .

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