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TITLE; my second year in neonates
Khamis, Januari 08, 2015 | 8:13 PG | 1 comments

Be a staff nurse was quite a tough job. Its not only about how you treat your patients,but its all about how you manage your emotion to face them. As I was in neonates department, the feeling were totally different as in medical department. 

Care about a newborn baby whom need a very very coolest care. A newborn baby whom need to be ventilate to survive. A newborn baby who know nothing about their surroundings. 

The hardest part when you need to take care that very critical ill baby. Who need the highest setting of ventilator. When you see by yourself that baby were struggling to survive, were struggling to breathe. When all of the team were trying so hard doing the CPR , Resus the baby. But then you didn't manage to save that baby. Then you see his/her parents crying and trying so hard to accept that their heir, their love,their baby was gone. 

You'll never imagine that feeling. 

But some of the babys were successfully discharge home in a good condition. No need oxygen support at home. Sometimes the most critical baby were successfully survive. He/she must be someone that can manage anything in their life. 

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